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The SwimFin is the ultimate swimming aid, the first truly new development in the teaching of swimming for decades. SwimFin is tried and tested to assist anyone in learning to swim. Unlike arm-bands and swimming-rings which keep the body upright, this shark fin shaped buoyancy aid works in harmony with the body helping to develop a better swimming position.

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The SwimFin story started almost twenty years ago. In the late 1980s Kevin Moseley was a self employed swimming instructor. Just for fun, he took a couple of old foam swimming floats and made a fin that could be tied on to his back. At the end of lessons with a group of kids he would put on the fin for a few minutes of play time to reward the children for their efforts during the swimming lesson. The kids always enjoyed this time, Kevin would chase the kids around the shallow end of the pool so the kids practice their swimming and try not to get caught by the 'shark' in the water.

That first prototype SwimFin was the only one of its kind for many years. By chance, Kevin heard that the BBC television show 'Dragon's Den' was looking for participants and so, just out of curiosity, he applied. Kevin, and his new product idea, sailed through the application process, and before he knew it, he was invited to the London studios of the BBC and found himself telling these potential investors, the 'Dragons' about SwimFin.

In a few short weeks he had prepared a business plan and a 'defence' of his SwimFin idea strong enough to withstand any attack. It wasn't until Kevin had done this that he realised what a good thing he had. Certain Dragons agreed and offered to invest in SwimFin. This was briefly shown on television, however, as Kevin chose to reject their 50% equity request, the Dragons liked SwimFin so much that they wanted a big piece of the pie, Kevin said a polite 'no thank you' and looked elsewhere. After several meetings with other potential investors who all wanted a 50% stake, Kevin decided to self fund the project himself.

Since then its been an hectic time for Kevin Moseley and SwimFin. The product has been redesigned and improved. Before it could be mass produced, SwimFin had to be rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to worldwide safety standards. Patent protection around the world had to be secured, and the trademark registered.

For a new swimmer SwimFin is the way to go. The brand sells a sort of fin that goes on a new swimmers back to help them stay floating. It is designed for children 33-66 pounds and is sold in blue and pink. The fin is great for little kids, because both parents and the child feel more confident with something helping them float. It isn't just a float though, it merely helps the swimmer to move around and not sink.

The swimmer is still able to do everything because the device is just Velcro'd onto the person. It's easier to maneuver in a SwimFin than a regular floaty. Another good thing about the brand is that they sell a backpack that is specifically designed for the product. So, the backpack has a little opening in the back where you can put the product. Of course, the fin sticks out of the back of the backpack so kids love it because they can walk around and look like a shark.

The backpack offers enough room for other swim gear, such as goggles, towels, ear drops, sunscreen and whatever other items are needed. Overall, SwimFin is perfect for a little kid because they can be safe while still stylish. Most kids love sharks, so looking like one is definitely a plus. The product is completely safe and offers a peace of mind without having to deal with problems with maneuvering around in bigger floats. It is also the only swimming aid endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association in the UK.