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Swim Jackets

Swim jackets or buoyancy aids are great for learning to swim and developing water confidence. Suitable for both children and adults, float jackets are designed to put the swimmer in a streamlined, horizontal position.
Splash About Float Swim Jacket
Pink/Mango & Turquoise/Yellow NOW £17.39
Splash About Float Swim Jacket

The Original Konfidence Kids Swim Jackets
The Original Konfidence Kids Swim Jackets

Zoggs Wonder Woman Water Wings Vest
Zoggs Wonder Woman Water Wings Vest

Swim Jackets online at FunSwimShop UK

Though float and swim jackets may not be commonly available through most retail shops – and may require that you visit a special water sports or sporting shop, you can find a variety of styles and types that can be suitable for the infant that the jacket is being purchase for. Most often, swim jackets that are available for infants are available in one size, up to thirty pounds and they can be easily worn from the time that the child is an infant to two years of age.

There have been many advances in the jackets that are being developed and they are no longer created from bulky pieces of foam that are sewn into jackets, rather new materials like neoprene are being used to create streamlined and comfortable jackets that can provide support to the infant and ensure that there is head support as well as floatation support through the entire jacket. These jackets are savvy when it comes to protection, but they are also available in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Some of the leading brands that are available are Speedo and Kidder and both brands have created stylish and functional options for the parent that is seeking to purchase a swim jacket for their child.

While the child is learning to swim, these jackets can provide the protection necessary and while shopping it is important to ensure that the weight limits are adhered to, as well as proper head support is provided through the jacket. Other elements that should be considered are the materials the jacket has been made from and the methods that are used while fastening the jacket. Fastening the jacket should be simple and allow the parent to make use of the quick measures that you can make of while ensuring that the child remains safe.