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Adolph Kiefer was an American swimmer and the first man in the world to swim 100 yards backstroke under 1 minute. Kiefer provide swimmers with the best training and safety equipment. Kiefer swim fins and swimming equipment are amongst the most popular products and brands in swimming.

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Swimming is truly a sport for everyone, and it lasts a lifetime. To enjoy the best possible experience in the swimming pool or ocean water, you'll need more than just a swimsuit or shorts. People jump inside swimming pools for different reasons, which could be for competitive training, recreation, or physical therapy. When visiting resorts, it's also quite tempting to explore the beautiful sea or ocean. To enjoy all these fun water activities, you'll want to consider getting Kiefer's swimwear and Equipment.

Whether it's for children learning how to swim or more advanced swimmers, Kiefer is a brand name that offers a variety of swimming accessories for all ages and abilities. The swimwear and equipment from Kiefer includes fins, goggles, collars, wetsuits, aquatic dumbells, and much more.

The gym is not the only place to get a great workout. The Kiefer Aqua Fitness Dumbbells and Aqua Discs give you the opportunity to enjoy new fitness routines in the swimming pool. Made from foam, the Aqua Fitness dumbbells are soft, buoyant, and will not irritate the skin. The Aqua Discs are also soft, and they float. Both of these Kiefer products offer great water resistance exercises.

Water therapy is a popular method of relaxation or even medical treatment. The Kiefer Foam Aqua Swim Collar provides a comfortable session of aquatic water therapy or exercises. Made of foam, the floating collar easily and securely wraps around the neck. The Neoprene Aqua Swim Collar is also an excellent choice of equipment for those seeking a comfortable therapy session in a swimming pool.

Swim fins are essential items in any collection of swimming equipment. Kiefer offers a variety of fins for recreational and competitive swimmers. For beginners, swim fins offer the support needed to master the basics of swimming. For more advanced swimmers, fins are great for developing leg strength and specific swimming techniques. Important features of swim fins are comfortable fit and buoyancy, which Kiefer offers.
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