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Footwear & Wet Shoes

Step onto the beach in style with the latest beach shoes, wets shoes and swim shoes. Kids and adults wet shoes are the perfect footwear for use around the swimming pool, on the beach and in the sea.

Kids Footwear
Kids Footwear
Pool and beach shoes

Adults Footwear
Adults Footwear
Ladies and mens wet shoes

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No holiday is complete without either a beach to laze on or a pool to frolic in. Whether you are at a resort by the pool or relaxing under the palm trees at a beach, the water melts away the stress of modern life. To have a perfect day by the water you need more than a good bathing suit. You also need good footwear.

Beach footwear is wonderfully convenient. You skip the socks and simply slip your bare feet into the shoes. Whether you have open toed pool shoes or covered wet shoes, your feet are more comfortable and secure. All styles of beach footwear have rubber traction on the sole. This specially designed feature helps keep you steady on your feet even on slick, wet surfaces. This type of rubber traction is especially perfect for young children who will inevitably spend their time running or at play.

If you are planning a holiday by the sea, beach footwear and wet shoes have an additional safety feature. Rocks and reef are difficult to walk across barefoot since they are often covered with seaweed, algae and water. You may cut yourself or even fall down which can be quite dangerous. When you wear wet shoes however, your traction and balance is greatly improved and you can move with ease. Another nice thing about beach footwear and wet shoes is you can wear them with your snorkeling or diving flippers. This is a nice convenience because you can walk into the bay while wearing your wet shoes and then put on your flippers on. No more hobbling barefoot over sharp rocks.

Surfaces by water can be very slippery. Your covered shoes, boots or high heels are excellent for a day in the city but awkward by the water. Good beach footwear and wet shoes are not only fashion accessories; they are practical and important for safety.