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Keep warm in the water with our range of wetsuits for kids and adults. The latest shorty wetsuits and full body wetsuits, ideal for the swimming pool or sea.

Womens Wetsuits
Womens Wetsuits
Womens shape wetsuits

Konfidence Childrens Micro-Neoprene Shirt Rash Vest
Konfidence Childrens Micro-Neoprene Shirt Rash Vest

Wetsuits online at FunSwimShop UK

Divers, snorkelers, surfers and other athletes who participate in water sports frequently wear wetsuits. Wetsuits offer great benefits to water athletes because of their ability to insulate the body from cold by trapping a layer of water between the user's body and the suit, which is commonly made out of neoprene. This layer of water is then warmed by the body and stays warm because of the insulating material of the suit. This enables athletes to stay in the water comfortably much longer than they would otherwise.

There are many different wetsuits for different sports and situations. For warmer water, a 'shortie' wetsuit that covers the torso and the thighs might be all that is required, whereas a full body suit that extends to the ankles and wrists might be worn in colder water or for deeper diving. In covering the body fully or partially, wetsuits come in a variety of different thicknesses that may be appropriate in different water environments. Boots and gloves made out of the same fabric as wetsuits are readily available.

Wetsuits also protect the skin from minor abrasions while diving. You're much less likely to scrape your arm or leg on a piece of coral or rock with a layer of foamed neoprene covering your skin. Although this is generally not considered their main function, it is an added benefit.

Wetsuits come in a variety of different sizes and are available for men, women and children. Wetsuits are available in plain black or blue. Other colors are also popular and readily available.