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Training Aids

Swim training aids for improving your swimming style and technique. You'll find swimming aids for your next swim training session including floats, pull buoys, fins, snorkels and waterproof MP3 players.

Swimovate Pool-Mate
Swimovate Pool-Mate

Vorgee Quick-dry mesh equipment bag (assorted colours)
Vorgee Quick-dry mesh equipment bag (assorted colours)

Mar Pull Buoy
Mar Pull Buoy

Training Aids online at FunSwimShop UK

Learning how to swim is quite challenging for many people. Beginners must first overcome their fear of drowning, and then gradually get comfortable in water. Experienced swimmers who compete in swimming tournaments need to develop specific techniques and moves. Whether its learning the basics or mastering advanced swimming moves such as backstrokes, swim training aids will give swimmers an easier time in the water.

The goal of swim training aids is to provide swimmers with leverage, support, and buoyancy while swimming. Without these swimming aids, it may be difficult to learn certain moves and techniques. Some examples of swim training aids include paddles, kickboards, and fins.

Swim paddles are attached to the hands, like gloves or mittens. These paddles are designed to improve basic swim strokes, such as the front crawl. You simply move your arms through the water as usual, as the paddles provide extra resistance. With enough practice, you'll develop powerful strokes. The Speedo Power Swim Paddles are popular among many swimmers.

Another important swim training aid is the kickboard. This is a board that's designed to improve swimming techniques of the feet, particularly swim kicks. You simply hold the kickboard with both hands through the special two grip holes, and start moving through the water. Only the feet can create movement, as your arms and hands are fully extended and do not move. Kickboards are typically made from foam or polyethylene, as they can float and even be slightly submerged under water. The Speedo and Win Universal Kickboards are some great training aids to develop swim kick techniques.

Swim fins are one of the most popular swim training aids, as they are used for both recreational and competitive swimming. Swim fins basically provide extra leverage and mobility in water, and they are great for developing swimming techniques involving the feet. Swim fins resemble the natural aquatic movement of certain animals such as ducks and otters.