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Swim Socks

You can never have too many swim socks. From practical, latex swimming socks for covering veruccas and other foot conditions to baby swim socks for keeping little feet warm and cosy.

Konfidence Paddlers Baby Swim Socks

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Konfidence Paddlers Baby Swim Socks

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Swim socks might be unfamiliar to the vast majority of the population, but the protection and reassurance they provide to their users is something that is sure to get people talking.

Most common swim socks come with a dimpled sole on the bottom of the sock to ensure that the socks do not fall prey to slipping on the bottom of the pool. The pattern of dimples is such that it provides a coarse enough surface so that good traction can be had even on something as slippery as the bottom of a pool.

Swim socks also hug the contours of the user's foot very well, which makes it much more comfortable and enjoyable for the consumer to wear. Whereas normal, everyday socks can be a little on the loose, you will not have to worry about your swim socks becoming loose and falling off once they get wet. Their tight fit around the foot ensures that the socks will protect your feet but will not hinder how you move about in either the pool or around the shower.

The last great aspect of swim socks is that they can be used in a pool as well as public baths and showers. They help to protect against the many infectious viruses that can be spread by community pools and showers. Providing that extra layer between your bare feet and the germ-infested floors that your feet will undoubtedly meet, swim socks prevent infections such as athlete's foot and Verrucae.

If you swim or bathe in public areas often, swim socks will definitely be a valuable investment for you. The piece of mind that they will provide you with along the way is something that you cannot put a price tag on.