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Kids Wetsuits

Konfidence Kids Warma Wetsuit
Konfidence Kids Warma Wetsuit

TWF Shortie Wetsuit Kids
TWF Shortie Wetsuit Kids

Konfidence Kids Shortie Wetsuit
Konfidence Kids Shortie Wetsuit

Kids Wetsuits online at FunSwimShop UK

Wetsuits that are designed especially for children come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and means of use. The main idea behind the wetsuit is to trap a small amount of water between the body and the suit itself. The thin layer of water that is held close to the body by the wetsuit is actually essential to keeping a warm body temperature during activities that take place in either deep water or cold water environments.

Children's wetsuits are usually designed as simple miniature versions of adult wetsuits. However, it is important to note that different styles of kids wetsuits are necessary depending upon the type of activity that is being performed. Not only is taking the purposed activity into effect when making a decision, but you also want the child's wetsuit to fit them tight enough so that the water is able to be trapped effectively against the body, which allows heat conservation to take place.

Long John wetsuits are full body wetsuits that are meant to cover the torso and legs but provide no arm coverage for the individual. If your child is planning to surf or swim in cold water areas, the "Long John" wetsuit type would be an adequate choice.

Spring or shorty wetsuits provide full torso coverage with half arm and half leg coverage as well. This is normally the most commonly used form of wetsuit. They can be used for most normal activity in the water, and they provide great protection against hypothermia.

Sleeveless Vest wetsuits do not have any arm or leg coverage and are basically meant to keep the body warm through the torso only. Your child should only use this style of wetsuit when the water is moderately warm, as the full range of motion that you receive from this wetsuit does not replace the amount of body heat that is lost when wearing this wetsuit.