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Ear Protection for Swimmers

Ear Protection for Swimmers online at FunSwimShop UK

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The best prevention from swimmer's ear is to keep water outside of the ear canal. However if you would like to go swimming then you're going to need some form of ear protection for swimmers and luckily there are some really great products out there.

Swimmer's earplugs can really help to keep water from entering the ears. Water in the ears will not always lead to an outer ear infection, though it can and will if it becomes trapped in the ears.

When water becomes trapped it weakens the skin of the ear canal which causes tiny tears in the skin that bacteria and fungi can then invade. Keeping the ear dry is the best prevention of swimmer's ear.

If you are prone to swimmer's ear, your doctor may recommend that you wear some form of ear protection.
Earplugs worn while showering or swimming as well drying your ears thoroughly afterwards will certainly help prevent swimmer's ear.

Silicone putty ear plug
moulds are excellent because they form to the shape of your ears, sealing out water better than standard earplugs.

If bacteria and fungi do take hold, this can result in an infection of the outer ear canal. Some people with swimmer's ear do not experience any pain but instead may notice severe itching. Other people have both itching and intense pain, in addition to a discharge that can sometimes have a foul smell.

A high temperature is uncommon in people with swimmer's ear. Touching the earlobe or chewing can make pain worse, this is normally associated with otitis externa (inflammation or swelling of the external ear canal).

If you suffer from swimmer's ear and choose to wear ear plugs for ear protection then you may also want to consider an ear band. Swimmers ear bands wrap around the ears and usually close with Velcro, these bands help keep ear plugs in and also assist in keeping water out of the ears.

Swimmer's ear clears up within a week for most people. Pain generally goes away within 24 hours if appropriate therapy is used.