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Baby Wetsuits

Baby Wetsuits online at FunSwimShop UK

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Splash About Baby WetsuitThere seem to be more and more people getting their children involved in swimming at an early age. The faster a child learns how to swim, the more they will enjoy the beach and the pool without having to rely on an adult to guide them.

Many people are now involved in swimming lessons for their toddlers than ever before. Like anything else, the earlier someone starts to do something, the better they will be at it. Your toddler could even become the next Michael Phelps or Amanda Beard.

With the heightened interest in swimming lessons for toddlers comes the introduction of new swimming attire for these little swimmers. One of the great new innovations in attire over the last few years has been the introduction of baby wetsuits. These wetsuits are specially designed to keep your toddler warm in the water, along with providing comfort, functionality, and a sense of style.

These baby wetsuits have been designed in a way that they are able to be put on the child easily, and are especially helpful for babies who may tend to feel the cold more than others. There are various designs and colours to choose from to have your infant ready for the water.

TWF Baby WetsuitThere are baby wetsuits that feature a dolphin swimming on the front that come in blue, gray, purple, and pink that are made so that they are easily spotted when the child is in the water and easy to grab so you can hold your child.

Some baby wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is very soft and helps keep your baby warm over a long period of time so that they can stay in the water longer. These wetsuits can help build a child's confidence in the water and help them have more fun swimming while being able to swim with less effort.

These baby wetsuits will fit children from birth up to 24 months old, and come with a bottom flap that allows the baby to be changed easily. They can come with either a wrap around design for infants less than a year old or a pull on design that has a velcro fastening that goes over the shoulders for 1-2 year olds.

For smaller babies or ones that may be a little under normal weight, a baby snug can provide an excellent choice in swimwear. It comes in blue and pink, and can even be worn underneath another wetsuit to provide extra warmth. It's like a mini wetsuit that is easy to take off as well as put on.

ZOGGS Baby WetsuitA baby wetsuit can also serve the purpose of providing sun block. The wrap around styling of some models allows for the wetsuit to open flat, which means easy access when it comes time for changing, and some wetsuits even come with built in pants.

Baby wetsuits can be the perfect addition to your child's swimming aspirations, not to mention making you feel better about your child being warm and comfortable in the water.