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Home > Articles > 3/2 Wetsuit Thickness Guide

3/2 Wetsuit Thickness Guide

3/2 Wetsuit Thickness Guide online at FunSwimShop UK

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Wetsuits A 3/2 wetsuit is the thinnest wetsuit available for surfing.

The numbers 3/2 represent the thickness of neoprene used in this wetsuit. 3 stands for 3 millimeters and 2 stands for 2 millimeters.

This means that a 3/2 wetsuit is made from neoprene of two different thicknesses, the thicker one is usually used on the body and legs and the thinner is used on the arms and crotch area.

The reason for this is improved flexibility of the wetsuit. Thicker neoprene keeps your core warmer while thinner neoprene allows for more flexibility where you need it.
A 3/2 wetsuit is already made for colder water. If you combine it with wetsuit boots you can use it anywhere down to 57F (14C). This is not a firm number though; there are many things that influence at what temperature a wetsuit can be used so check our wetsuit thickness and water temperature guide to find out more.